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PMD power provides high quality diesel power generator solutions all over the world. Delivering cost effective electrical performance, our range of products extend to small scale emergency standby units through to large prime power off-grid systems.

Our generators are manufactured in the UK using market leading components such as Perkins engines, Mecc Alte alternators and Deepsea control panels. Each trusted, respected and known the world over.

The standard range of generators start at 7kVA up to 250kVA available in open and canopied options. For large +250kVA sets we move away from a standardised product and consider more bespoke and tailored solutions. That said our standard range also includes a catalogue of options to ensure your needs are met.

PMD also offer aftersales parts, global shipping, manufacturer warranties and technical support to projects across the globe.

Our approach is to work with you to ensure performance, longevity and value in what is often one of the most overlooked items in your project.

Made to the highest standards using only UK manufactured parts:

Perkins Engine

PMD power generators contain Perkins engines which are known to operate in harsh environments or under strenuos conditions. Perkins engines have been around for more than 80 years and have a reputation for being a leading class engine for all applications.

Mecc Alte Alternators

Mecc Alte is today at its height in the world production of synchronous alternators and is a well established company. Mecc Alte, a forerunner in design, defines its mechanical parts in solid design and electronic details with dedicated software.

Deep Sea Control Panels

Deep Sea’s extensive range of generator controllers has been developed with the user in mind. Their easy to use control modules have established an enviable reputation over the last 35 years for delivering unrivalled functionality.

High Performance

High levels of reliability giving you more for less. Perkins have a proven reputation in the power industry.


Optimised for power with years of customer research thrown in, PMD generators are tuned to be efficient and reliable.

Global Shipping

We can ship PMD generators all over the world for use in arduous conditions, prime power and standby power.


PMD generators are built to last and can withstand even the toughest of conditions in any terrain.

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